FIRST TIME ENEMA: Punishment For The Step Tara Tingle



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FIRST TIME ENEMA: Punishment For The Step  by  Tara Tingle

FIRST TIME ENEMA: Punishment For The Step by Tara Tingle
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With the liquid rampaging out of my body, I felt the most overwhelming sensation I have ever experienced. Every cramp that accompanied the outflow was both painful and thrilling. The muscles from my abdomens down to my thighs contracted, and I felt strong ripples of absolute ecstasy with every undulation...

reverberating throughout my body... building up like a musical crescendo... climaxing in one powerful explosion.Before Cassie can even attend her first day of college, she was instructed by her folks to share an apartment with Bradley, the boy she grew up with. It was the most cost-efficient solution to help defray the familys expenses. But Bradley was a man who kept many secrets. To make things work, he laid down two rules that Cassie should strictly follow.

He warned her that disobedience would not be tolerated.One night, when Bradley was out with a friend, Cassie found the perfect opportunity to unravel her steps secrets from behind his watchful eyes... but it involved breaking the rules that she was ordered to obey.

She was caught... and she will be punished and disciplined.What happens next is a hot and steamy ride that will bring her to the realm of the forbidden, where the most exquisite of pleasures awaited, where her sensibilities will be tested by long and hard intrusions she never knew she wanted... and where she will venture for the first time, without knowledge, to rapturous depths where she will be vulnerable and unprotected.In the end, Cassies concept of satisfaction will be changed forever.WARNING: This book is intended for readers 18+ years of age.

It contains explicit scenes of sexual situations, questionable subject matters, taboo relationships, alternative sexual enjoyments, and adult humor. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

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